Saturday, August 13, 2011


Hot dang, how the time flies! You know, the first couple of nights here were a bit rough, but already Arusha is starting to feel like home. For all of those who ‘told me so’ you can tell me, ‘told you so!’ J The past couple of days have been fun, productive, and really exciting! Yesterday (Friday) we ran some errands, practiced, and mostly relaxed at our guest house. We discovered that Annette not only has 7 dogs, but also three tortoises!

[German Shepard, Fupi, and Turtle…]

[Fupi interacting with Tortoise!]

We made a trip with Annette to the grocery market where I had a fun time finding some funny items!

[Velvex toilet paper…because kittens always remind me of toilet paper…]

[the only kind of tissue I use.. MANSIZE!!]

[In case you’re thirsty, can always grab a cool glass of Aloe Vera..??]

[my personal favorite… as we all love some saucy secrets…. Eww. Hahaha!]

We enjoyed seeing the city as always and are beginning to recognize places around us! The sun came out and we got to see our first view of Mt. Meru!! See her in the distance?

Back at home, I called my grandmother (much to her surprise!!) and skyped with my dear friend, Meeeshheee!! Who I dearly miss, of course!


That night, Alison and I were invited to join Thembi, the woman whose house we’ll be renting, and some new friends of hers out for dinner and drinks! We went to a terrific street-restaurant for some awesome Indian-vegetarian food! I know it looks a little scary, but fear not, we had no stomach problems! Was delish!

[Khant’s Restaurant]

There were a number of gals in the group who are in college at Chicago Univ. and it was great to talk to them! We went out for drinks after dinner and had awesome conversations! We cracked up when we went into the bathroom where there were no lights… except for this one VERY small candle wick! Can you see the tiny flame?!

Today (Saturday) was very exciting, as we finally got to meet Liza, the director of Umoja Music School, in person! We had teacher training for most of the day and I’m getting pretty dang excited to get started! It will be a learning experience unlike any other! The training was held at Tina’s house where she treated us to an incredible vegetarian meal! Oh man.. I was super happy and had a full plate of food!

[mmmmmmmmm! Thank you, Tina!!]

[teacher training in the nice Arusha Sun]

[Teachers for the Umoja School: David (guitar +Umoja Ensemble), Liza (founder), Me (piano/flute/voice), Tina (admin + Umoja Ensemble), Alison (Violin)]

Finally, tonight we had a meet-n-greet with the parents of a lot of the students we’ll be teaching. Everyone met at a very nice outdoor restaurant called the Blue Herron. It was great to meet a lot of the students and parents there! Right now I’m scheduled to teach about 30 students! It will be a crazy adventure and I’m very excited to meet them all!


  1. Love all the details and cute photos. Looks as if the temperatures there are sometime low, as I saw a scarf and long sleeve shirts on some people in your photos. The mountain in the distance looks amazing! Glad you're finding some good veg food. Miss ya/Love ya,

  2. Danielle,
    I know the school year will probably get very busy and the posts will probably become less frequent but it's so awesome to see and hear about your days in Tanzania so far! I look forward to your posts, especially to see your students when they arrive!!!

  3. Hey Jason, sorry, I couldn't see your profile so I don't quite know who you are! Thanks for the kind message though! Which Jason are you, dear!? :D

  4. DAHHHHHHNI! This is so exciting! I'm in love with the mansize tissues. When you come back you'll have to bring me a lifetime supply. I LOVE THE TORTOISE!