Monday, August 29, 2011

Arusha Food Network!

Well, my aunt Catherine had a terrific suggestion that I document and describe what kind of food I’m enjoying here in TZ! I’ve been diligently photographing many of my meals in the past week, and here I am to bring you another piece of my life (and food!). These have all become pretty typical meals I have here:

We get fresh bread each week made by our house-helper, Amena! The house always smells like heaven when she’s baking it!

Sunday: Lunch- Alison cooked delicious greens, tomatoes, onions, and spices! Grilled cheese, and banana chips!

Monday: Breakfast- fresh mango, toast with raspberry jam, papaya juice, yogurt

Tuesday: Dinner- Ethiopian food, aka YUM!!! A lentil dish and a cabbage/carrot dish. Super yum. With Savannah Cider to drink. Oh, and I love Tiana trying to escape the photo there on the right!

Wednesday: Lunch- we have lunch served to us every day at ISM where we teach. It’s a different vegetarian meal each day and they’re always great. Here we have lentil curry, rice, oranges, salad

Thursday: Breakfast- home-made fresh strawberry yogurt (made by our own Amena), sweet cornbread (also made by Amena), mango juice

Friday: Dinner- Alison again made delicious combination of fresh veggies and beans (canned, ok we’re lame), also with brown rice

Saturday: Lunch- grilled cheese with fresh avocado, greens with spices and onions. Sorry, we’re not sure what ‘greens’ these are exactly, it’s a local Tanzanian vegetable!

Sunday: Snack- ok, we had to splurge while we went into town. Mocha milkshake and “Caribbean onion and balsamic vinegar chips”


  1. HOLY COW - “Caribbean onion and balsamic vinegar chips”. Sign me up. This was fun, fun, fun. Now I want to see the outside of your house. Document each room for me. Love you Hon and hope you are feeling ok today / tonight.

  2. LOVE it, and thank you from your Foodie aunt! I am deathly allergic to mangoes, but used to love the taste...the greens look sort of like collards...everything looks delish, and you are lucky to have homemade yogurt....

  3. Yummie, awesome food, and this makes me so happy, to know you don't have to worry about what to eat. I hope to sample some of these when I visit you there. Thanks for documenting so well! xoxox

  4. mmmmm I just caught up on a bunch of posts. This sounds like such an ideal place for you, Dani! It's nice that some parts of your life there are so comfortable even though you've got new challenges and responsibilities. Glad to hear you're doing so well! add me on skype (chelseamayo) and maybe we can catch each other sometime

  5. Hey just noticed the milkshake, maybe that was what made you be illin!