Friday, August 12, 2011


Hi all! We had such an exciting and productive day today!! The main points were:

-­ Finding a great place to live

- Getting lost in a very long, rural road

- Cleaning up our rooms at the music school

- Going out to Via Via restaurant at night

So we have found an absolutely terrific place to live we think! We plan to move in next week, so I’ll take pictures of it then and tell you all about it later. There are tropical plants all around, a garden, a kitten, two puppies and two dogs, great bed rooms, and a great roommate who we’re renting from! It will be so much fun when we get to move in!

When we left, however, we meant to head to ISM to work on our classrooms again, but accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up on somewhat of a safari! There were herders moving their cattle and goats all over the place and the road was super bumpy. We thought it would never take us back to the main road, but at last we did find our way back! See the video at the top of the blog!

Once we finally made it to ISM, we cleaned up a lot of our rooms and I now have my own little studio! So crazy! I need to go back to do some finishing touches and then organize all the music, but it feels like home already. We start teaching Monday!

[me in front of our music building!]

[Alison holding her very small Suzuki violin!]

I was good today and didn’t nap so that I would start getting on a good sleep schedule. I just chugged some coke, from the bottle of course, for a caffeine boost!

[mmm!! Coke!]

After dinner, Alison and I got an invitation from Tina, one of Umoja’s founders and organizers, to join her at Via Via, a local and very popular bar/restaurant. I was feeling quite sleepy, but we couldn’t turn down such an offer! It was loads of fun, getting to hear live music and meet a lot of Tina’s friends. There were a lot of kids my age there who seemed to be volunteers or tourists. I hope to make some new friends here soon! See the video at the top of the blog!

[Tina, Alison, and Me at Via Via!]

Liza Barley, Director of Umoja School, will be arriving today or tomorrow and we’ll start some teacher training this weekend! Can’t believe it’s all happening!


  1. Hey, I can't find the video? Where exactly is it? Thanks for posting this hon.

  2. It's the two images at the top, right under the title "my life in Tanzania" click on them, and the video will play! <3

  3. Loved the two short videos, give me a real taste of life there, thanks for posting, and all the photos. How cool you will have your own music studio! Think always of safety and take care. lovesya