Friday, August 19, 2011

Moving in!

It’s been quite an exciting couple of days! Yesterday (Thursday) was another full day of teaching and then another wonderful relaxing meal for dinner. We went to get Sushi, of all things! And it’s super cheap! Was delicious, and we were very thankful to see this warning on their menu… read it carefully:

After dinner, I was super excited to have my first violin lesson! Alison is going to teach me violin over the course of the year, so we started with the basics. Rest position and playing position. Don’t laugh.

Today was even more exciting because we moved into our house! There are a couple puppies and dogs, and an adorable kitten! We’re both so excited to be living where we are—it’s down a big dirt road with lots of little shops and fruit and vegetable stands. It’s not too far from the main road, but it’s not in a touristy area so we’ll see the real Arusha. We live with one other woman named Thembi. She’s a British gal who is absolutely awesome, seems to know everyone in Arusha, and works between here and London as a writer. Oh and the pets are so adorable. We had a great time this morning moving in with the wonderful help of Liza, Annette, Tiana, Thembi, and Liza’s friend Sinane. Oh, also the kitten was sure to help out a whole bunch:

I really feel like this is such a home. As I write now, I’m sitting on my bed in a little canopy of mosquito netting with my pictures from home hung, and a kitten purring on my lap! We’re trying to set up the internet now…grr.. it’s a little frustrating, but it’s been an awesome day nonetheless.

Some video from this evening:

Oh, forgot to mention that we got our first little taste of haggling in the market today. Fortunately, Liza was there to do most of the bargaining in Swahili! Not sure what we’re going to do without her when she leaves in a week!

I took some video the other day of a foggy Mt. Meru on our drive home from work:


  1. Hey Dani!! I had dinner with your mom tonight. She gave me the link to our blog. It is great to see pictures of your house and studio! Awesome about the violin lessons!

  2. Hey Puddy, I love seeing where you are living. Show more!! I love the video bits too, and of course the cute kitty. I'm so glad that you have pets around. Thanks for posting, I'm sure it's been busy trying to get settled. Love you most, moma

  3. Pleased that you are settling in and have those creature comforts, especially the pets. Thank you for making the little videos, which bring things closer.
    I'm recovering from my oral surgery and the pain is going away, am able to sleep. Unfortunately, my whole mouth area is completely swollen, looks like I have been in a big fight, so I will have to miss a few days of class this coming week. Neighbors have been nice to take Zorra out for walks and check on me regularly.
    Love, Daddio

  4. Hi, Dani. I'm a friend of your mom's who you sent Provence information to this time last year. Your African adventure sounds really fascinating. I look forward to reading your post. Best of luck!
    T. Scott