Friday, November 11, 2011

Three awesome videos

I've got three terrific videos for you all!

1. Last week I went to see a German organ builder who's living and building right outside of Arusha!! so crazy! I plan on going back and working as an apprentice for him next March for a week.

2. On Friday Alison, David (guitar teacher), and I were riding in our friend Jimmy's taxi with our instruments. I asked David to start playing some guitar in the back of the taxi and then I realized I had my flute in my lap! A jam session subsequently kicked off.

3. The grand finale here. On sunday I and 5 dear friends went on a hot air balloon safari!! I stayed up all night hanging out with friends until we left for the shuttle pick up at 4am. 1.5 hrs later we arrived at the balloon launching site. I hope you enjoy the video!

Life is good here and my mom arrives in 1 week!!!!


  1. Hi sweetie, ok so I am GLAD you went on the balloon ride, after all ! I would not want to be there at that time, however, would be too worrysome. Did you even ask the pilot if he had a parachute for you in case of emergency? Well I thought not!
    The guy who built the organ is very talented, and it's so wonderful that you were able to meet him and try it out. Now that little instrument really puts the big ones in perspective!
    Loved the improv session in the taxi.
    It will be truly amazing when your mom visits you, I am sure. Wish I could too! Love you,

  2. Balloon ride - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I'm glad Jesus was with you. Love you Pod.

  3. Dani! Good work on your blog! You are doing much better than me with updating it (though I have added the obstacle of writing in German). Looks like you are really making the most of your time in Africa. The safari sounds awesome!