Monday, November 7, 2011

Record Studio

Aren't I just the best blogger ever? I mean, I have so many friends who go away and never even take a picture while on their trip! I'm up to nearly 30 blog posts in 3 months! Exactly 3 months ago (almost to the hour!), by the way, I was loading up my car with mom to go to the airport to fly here! Kind of crazy, really, how much happens in 3 months.

Well, I have to tell you about the incredibly wonderful experience I had this weekend! The Umoja Ensemble I work with each friday had the opportunity to record 5 songs on an album called Swahili Kids. It was such a treat for every one because these kids got to be picked up, taken a long distance to this exciting studio, sing with all of the fancy equipment, and hear themselves recorded with music! well, again, I can't describe it so I made another video! I love this video because it shows the joy of the children and how much fun I get to have working with them. I feel so grateful and so lucky. Click the youtube link below to watch- and turn up the volume!

It kind of looks like I'm rapping here.. not sure why.. haha.


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  2. So very cool. NOW do you believe that you are great with kids? You look like you're having so much fun and so do they. Awesome babe.

  3. What a wonderful day for the kids and you teachers. You're looking great and doing amazing things, Dani!