Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random but AWESOME things:

Giraffes, dolphins, and clothes!

First, I must post the video from our incredible day safari to Arusha National Park on Sunday. I went with friends Nicole, Avi, and Alison and we got to see some incredible sights—particularly the baboons, giraffes, and Mt. Meru. It was such a gorgeous day and really the video says it all:

Then I have some new photos that I got from some of the people who went dolphin swimming with me in Zanzibar. They’re too beautiful not to post here! One of the people had an underwater camera and got some awesome shots of the dolphins we saw!

Then, Alison and I had a little photo shoot tonight in all of our new clothes that we’ve had made here in Tanzania! We have a fantastic little tailor shop across the street from our house where a kind man has made us dresses from beautiful fabric we bought here! Check out all of these colors and styles!

I love my Maasai pants—from Maasai tribe fabric.


  1. Wow, it looks like you're having an amazing time there! I'm so jealous! what a beautiful country! love the new clothes, too.

  2. Amazing photos of the dolphins. Wow. I love your new clothes. How will you get them all home...if you ever come home? Love you Pod.

  3. Great video too. I can't wait!!!!

  4. HOLY COW!!!!!!!
    Amazing stuff, kiddo! Your mom told me this morning about your new position at the University in Arusha. Congratulations!! Now I know you will be there for at LEAST 3 years if not longer. ;-) We are praying that you continue to love what you are doing there. We miss you and love you!
    Eric & Melissa, Sam & Ben

  5. Hey I am just catching up on your blog, love the stories and your new clothes are just awesome! I look forward to hearing more about the university teaching job when you have details. Love/kiss, Daddio