Monday, March 12, 2012

Life in the huraka lane!

I haven’t written in so long! Holybamoley how time flies and so much has been happening! It’s really late right now and I’m waking up early to go running with my friend Jimmy, but I feel like it’s just been too long since I’ve last written.

Ndoto (the show I'm composing music for) is going great. We’re on to the movement where the ants are running from the rain. Tiana made a giant rain stick! It’s a hard section for me to imagine, but it’s coming along bit by bit! Ant by ant!

I’m preparing for my first ever solo organ recital next Saturday, March 17th. I love these pictures- Jimmy brought his little girl, Jamima to play the organ with me! She’s so cute!!

Here’s a shot some of you saw from an early morning run. Beautiful sunrise.

Then I have some images to share of things my students have been working on. This first one was when I asked them to draw what they saw in the music. And, the piece I was playing was Debussy’s “Girl with the Flaxen Hair”—look at what one girl drew without knowing the title of the piece!

And this was the back of an artwork one of my younger students made. Pretty poignant, I thought. It says "a long time ago there was a beautiful land . But one day people came and polluted that land. And it was no longer beautiful."

Last week we had a big event at the school where I teach called International Day. Umoja Ensemble performed and it was a lot of fun! I even got to try an accordion!

Last week I finally got meet up with someone I've heard so much about but had never met! Craig went to Vanderbilt the same years as me and came to Tanzania at the same time as me! We have tons of mutual friends but had never met! AND he plays violin! AND he donated his travel violin to Umoja! Was so much fun getting to hang out:

Craig came and played with us at Umoja Ensemble!

In other news, I have a wonderful circle of good friends here now and I’m so incredibly thankful for that. A few friends and I went to Nairobi this past weekend to surprise my mom who was coming in with a mission team! I love the video from the weekend:

Life is good here. That’s all the energy I have to report for now.


  1. Je suis très heureuse de voir ces images et d'imaginer le travail des enfants. J'ai regardé la vidéo à Nairobi, j'adore les bébés éléphants!
    Tu m'apparais très énergique comme toujours...
    A très bientôt, pour de nouvelles aventures!

  2. Love seeing how the musical is coming along, and reading your account of daily life there. I loved the video you made of your trip to Nairobi, and seeing Mom's expression of surprise when she got out of the airport gate. That was very sweet of you! Take care and take more videos, especially of your organ recital. (I didn't understand you wrote, "first solo"). The baby elephants were soooo precious! You are living a wonderful life and I am the proudest of you at each turn.