Wednesday, October 12, 2011


On Sunday my friends Cam and Simone accompanied me to Moshi where I was going to see a new Tanzanian friend of mine, Anita. She had invited me to her father’s church in Moshi, which is about 1.5 hours away by bus. It was such a beautiful day and the church service was so fun! I took video so you can get a glimpse of it for yourself: click the link to see my video!

There, I couldn’t help but purchase a few paintings. They were terrific prices and I just looovee the color and the animals on them. What do you think?

I’m currently sitting in my nice and warm living room, listening to Alison practice a Bach French suite and hearing the rain softly fall outside our window. It’s another very peaceful and wonderful evening in our house.

I wrote my first song in Swahili on Sunday- it’s for the kids at Umoja Ensemble to start learning. I hope they enjoy it. As soon as we start rehearsing it, I’ll record it and send it your way! The words are as follows (translation below):

Sisi ni watoto wa Umoja

Sisi ni sauti ya nchi yetu

Kuimba pamoja tunaongezeka

Haya ni sauti ya Umoja

Sisi ni watoto wa Tanzania

Sisi ni sauti ya mababu

Kuimba pamoja tunajifunza

Haya ni sauti ya umoja


Umoja, Umoja, Umoja,

dunia itatusikia

We are the children of Umoja

We are the voices of our land

Together we sing and together we grow

These are the sounds of Umoja

We are the children of Tanzania

We are the voices of ancestors

Together we sing and together we learn

These are the sounds of Umoja


Umoja, umoja, Umoja

The world will hear us


  1. FABULOUS. Love the art too and can't wait to hear those little voices. Love you tons, moma

  2. Just winging in to say enjoying all your blog posts. I think the song is wonderful, and look forward to hearing how the children will sound singing it. Love the painting of the Giraffes!!

    Glad to see that you are having so many wonderful experiences in Tanzania. This is truly what world travel and life should be - IMHO!!


  3. That's weird, where is the comment I posted 2 days ago??