Monday, October 3, 2011

Music, Pineapple, and Fabric

I have a few photos to update every one! First, I simply must discuss the incredible experience I get to have each Friday working with Umoja Ensemble. It was only our second week working with the kids at these two schools, but I can already say I’m in love with the program and the children! We taught them a new song that basically translates from Swahili into “I like to eat, eat, eat, I like to eat, eat, eat chewing gum.” Haha! It’s been stuck in my head all week, but at least its helping me to study my Swahili! We talked about different drums and rhythms and brought the kids a big world map for their room. When we asked one class where Africa was on the map, most of them couldn’t find it. It was really an incredible moment to be a part of, the first time that they found map and identified where they were.

These photos are from last week, but I laugh when I see them. I sang to Alison: “which one of these is not like the other??” tehehe.

It’s a beautiful drive out to our first school, Masai Joy, and we’re always greeted with very kind smiles and helpful hands wanting to carry our drums and supplies inside. After class, we are invited to have delicious chai (tea, sugar, spices, and milk) with a couple of the teachers. I was speaking to one of the Tanzanian school teachers, Wilson, about the upcoming Songwriter’s night I’ve organized that will take place this Thursday— He was really happy to hear about the event and is going to play a song or two at the little coffee shop concert. I’m so excited to hear his music!

Speaking of which… Yes! We got the ball rolling and have put together a Songwriter’s Night! Liza used to organize these a few years back and said that they were all a big hit. We’re starting off this Thursday with 6 performers, including myself. I’m going to play a couple of guitar songs and maybe a piano tune. But, mostly I want to meet other song writers and hear their music. Alison and I are going to perform my “Wade Out” tune—Alison on some fiddle! Also, one of my piano students and I are going to open the concert with some improvisation together. Should be a whole lot of fun! Here are the posters I drew up and sent out for the event:

Yesterday I bought a big pineapple and had most of it for dinner. YUMMM.

This weekend was a whole lot of fun because we went fabric shopping! I wish I could have taken photos in the market because it was really quite incredible the number of fabrics that were all around us. Our very dear friends, Jimmy (taxi driver), and Mike (Swahili teacher) took me and Alison to show us where the best deals are. Below are most of the fabrics that we bought! I’m so excited to make them into dresses, pillows, table clothes, curtains…everything! Friends and family: get ready for some fabric Christmas gifts. Haha.

Oh, and the fabric pieces are GIANT. check out this one that we stretched out across our house:

Well, the Sunday flew by and I got to spend some of it with my very dear friends Cameron, Alison, Simone, and Katie.

Tomorrow it’s right back to work. It’s our last full week of work before our vacation and trip to Zanzibar on October 14th! I’m very very excited for the upcoming break.

So many hugs,



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  2. I love the one on the wall....and the giraffe one....

  3. Great post and BEAUTIFUL fabric. Can't wait for Christmas!

  4. I am glad to hear that things are going so well for you! Very cool about the fabric! Is it made locally? It looks like it, would love to know more....

  5. Lovely, to imagine you doing all these things, creating, and learning new interactions. Great idea to buy the fabrics and also to share them here! miss you sweetie!