Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mom, Maddie, Terry's Visit!

That was ONE BUSY WEEK!! It was so wonderful to have a big part of my family all here in Tanzania for a whole week. It was so inspiring that I changed my flight home... two weeks early!! Crazy! Here's everything we did:

Friday 7 June:
Welcomed them to Tanzania and checked in at the lovely Ilboro Lodge! 

Saturday 8 June:
Hit the fabric market!

Watched me teach my final lessons and my students graduate from Suzuki books! 

Got to Shanga- beautiful garden area 

Watched Saturday Nige' Live Concert! 

Sunday 9 June:
Safari in Tarengeri Park! 

Checked into the lovely Ecoscience Lodge

Monday 10 June: 
Dropped off dani at the daladala stand so she could go back to work in town...

Continue the Safari!! 

Tuesday 11 June:

Chilled out at Coffee Lodge

Went to Shining a Light shoe workshop

Enjoyed some sunshine and cake at Maasai Womens Empowerment Project

Wednesday 12 June:
Hit the shopping at Masai Market

Had a Tanzanian lunch of Ugali, Chips Mayai, and Stoney Soda 

Took a daladala to Cultural Heritage Museum 

Thursday 13 June:
Went on a big waterfall hike 

Friday 14 June:
Saw the last Umoja Ensemble of the year

Helped out with Meru Animal Welfare Organization school education day! 

Ran around and got ready to get the family back on a plane to the USA! 

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