Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dad's visit

Wow- March has been an incredibly hectic month. I ended it off with dad's awesome week-long visit to tanzania. There were SO many things that we did, I'll just summarize here with bullet points and photos :) Let's just say it has been wonderful. I'll take him to the airport in just about an hour.

Sunday 24 march:
Dad arrived
Cooked dinner with Millie and Courtney
 Monday 25 march:
Donkey clinic with Meru Animal Welfare Organziation

Dad's first Tanzanian Lunch

Dani rehearsed musical at St. Constantines International School

Dinner with friends

 Tuesday 26 march:
Dani taught at Makumira University

Dad walked around to photograph tanzanian villages

Walked all around Arusha city

Attended exciting choir competition event  in evening

Wednesday, 27 march
Hiked with Jimmy to the Arusha waterfall

Thursday, 28 march
Arusha National Park-- lots of animals and great friends!

Friday, 29 march
Took a bus to Moshi

Went up to Kilimanjaro View Lodge

Hiked around the neighboring villages

had a festive dinner with dancing! 

saw kilimanjaro by moonlight

Saturday, 30 march
Awoke to a BEAUTIFUL view of kilimanjaro

took dad back to the airport and headed on back to Arusha :( 

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  1. Wow is right! I'm still processing all the wonderful sights and sounds and wish I could have stayed longer. Dani, you were the best host and planner. Thanks for the great memories and I'll be missing you! Love u