Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In my 23rd year of life

In honor of my last year’s birthday blog tradition, I have been thinking of how blessed I’ve been in my 23rd year of life. Here's a recap:

Gave my first solo organ recital in Arusha

Voyaged around Tanzania, to Pangani and Zanzibar with my dear friend Fraser

Heard the premier of my orchestral piece Whippoorwill Winter in Aix, France and had my wonderful family and dear friend Hodge come visit! 

Visited my friends Rachel and Eric in Ethiopia

Surprised my mom with friends in Nairobi

Composed and completed the collaborative show "Ndoto" with Umoja staff and students and Colette Albiolo in Arusha!

Visited my dad in Rio, Brazil

Met my dad's wonderful girlfriend-- now fiance!-- Becky!

Gave two solo organ recitals in Rio, Brazil

Met a very special person...

Had my flute stolen..sad...and got a new one!

Became a certified Suzuki teacher

Visited my grandma and aunt in Illinois, and gave a piano recital at their community center

Moved in with Millie!

I adopted a puppy for Meru Animal Welfare Organization (for two weeks-- ahh I miss Lucy!!) 

Organized Meru Animal Welfare Organization fundraiser- Arusha Day for the Animals

Composed a childrens song for Lushen's Bienmoyo heart disease organization

Composed the music for for "Blue des Sables" collaborative with Colette Albiolo in Tunis, Tunisia

Traveled all around Morocco with my dear friend Hodge

Organized an Obama election party!

Auditioned for graduate school with the Glomus Program (located in Finland-- will hear results in June!)

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  1. Jeez, my finger is sore from scrolling down the page from one amazing experience to the next! But seriously, truly great accomplishments and stepping stones this past year for you dear. Thanks for the recap (although certainly you could have found a better pic of Becky LOL ) Can't wait to see you in Africa next month! xoxox