Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whippoorwills and Waltzes

I'm currently counting down the hours until I board a plane to Marseille, France where I will
a) See my mother, step dad, and two "surprise" guests....
b) see my dear friend, Hodg
c) See my dear friend, Aix-en-Provence (where I studied abroad 2 years ago)
d) Hear the premier of my first orchestral piece, Whippoorwill Winter.

Whats a whipporwill, you ask? Well here's what the Cornell Lab of Ornithology says:

Whip-poor-will Photo
Whats a whipporwill WINTER, you ask? Well here's what some random guy's gardening blog says:

"the last named winter, Whippoorwill Winter, is actually a herald of warmer days coming to stay for the summer. The whippoorwill (Caprimulgus vociferus) migrates from wintering in Mexico to their summer range farther north in late May to early June. Whippoorwill Winter is not as cold as the other winters but still a bit of cold snap, lest we forget.

So that's what my piece is about- singing birds and the last of a cold winter. I think april is the perfect time for such a premier, don't you? It must be just about whippoorwill winter time over in Tennessee!

I'm quite excited. And have no fear, of course recordings will be done. Why do people keep asking me that? I document my life probably more than most people actually want me, yes, of course I'll have video and audio and photos and what-have-ya.

In other news, we had our big Ndoto two-day camp last weekend. WOW! was fun- was intense. About 40 minutes of music and dancing for these kids to learn. Check out the video from the weekend

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