Saturday, February 4, 2012

In my 22nd year of life...

Several time last week I said, "It feels like I have been 22 for a very long time." So much has happened in the last year-- so much that I'm extraordinarily thankful for. I lay in my bed the other night, thinking about everything and I decided to make a list of the big events that marked this incredible year. Most of it wouldn't have been possible without the love that I am so blessed to have in my life from my friends and family. After I made this list, I couldn't help but smile and think... goodness gracious... what could happen THIS year?!

In my 22nd year of life I...

- Presented my senior composition recital.. on my 22nd birthday :)

- Conducted the Vanderbilt Orchestra

- Wrote my first piece for full orchestra

- Helped to start Vanderbilt Community Garden

- completed my senior thesis on orchestrating Mahler’s 10th symphony

- Graduated from Vanderbilt University

- Moved out of my childhood home

- Went to Israel

- Composed with fantastic musicians in Vermont

- Fell in love

- Got a tattoo

- Said bye to my dad when he moved to Brazil

- Said goodbye to my family and moved to Tanzania

- Started working at Umoja Music School

- Started a job as composition teacher at Makumira University

- Went on a hot air balloon safari

- Swam with dolphins in Zanzibar

- Started learning Swahili

- Started volunteering at Meru Animal Welfare Organization

- Started a the collaborative performance titled NDOTO with artist Colette Albiolo

- Received the news that my orchestral piece would be premiered in Marseille, France


  1. happy birthday danielle! hope you have fun today. i can't help but admire the intensity and verve with which you live your life--it is truly remarkable. wishing you the best for 23 and beyond!

  2. hey what-the-what? you did all that in 1 year? you must be, like, 32 I think not 22 :D But seriously, I am in awe of your vision and accomplishments. You are a "mini-me" !!! But seriously, I miss you and love you dearly. And by the way, that photo of you with the donkeys I never saw before and it is great.