Thursday, September 8, 2011


I got bored after practicing tonight so I thought I would offer you all a different perspective into the little details that make my life so great here in Arusha. I went around and with my camera’s macro-lens I captured close shot of some important material objects. See if you can guess what each item is before reading their descriptions below. [not too much to report otherwise- just working hard, running, learning Swahili, and practicing!]

    1. My wooden mask—Liza gave this to me from her house and I have it hanging on my wall to greet me each time I come home
    2. Jug o hugs—given to me by my dear friend, Martha, it sits on my bedside table and I smile every time I look at it
    3. My airtell modem—this little guy goes into my computer so I can have internet and talk to you all! Where would we be without portable modems, ay?
    4. My violin—notice there’s no dust on it, since I practice it alllll the time… hehe.. or I should, at least!
    5. Swahili book—one of the several books Alison and I use to help our Swahili lessons we’re taking each week. Ninafanya kazi! We’re doing work! Haha, simple Swahili that I know.
    6. Jeeves and Wooster DVD’s – you ever read/seen this series? Tristan introduced me to it last summer, but when we moved in I noticed that Thembi had the whole collection! I’ve been vegging out on it a little bit every other day I think. It’s pretty dang funny
    7. Sesame and honey bar—these sweet treats are quickly becoming a must-have in our house hold. Yummm
    8. Our ‘kitty’ (british term for jar??)—we collect a bit of extra money in it each week so that Amena can go out and buy us fresh fruits, veggies, and milk.
    9. Fresh avocado, yes?—When this puppy gets ripe we’ll blend her up for some delicious fresh guacamole!
    10. Paka, our cat, of course—here she is fighting my camera string. Of course, a cat is an every-house-hold-must-have in my opinion! J


    1. That's a really cool blog. Too fun. I got most of them right - of course, I got the jug o hugs! Love that. Hey, have you not gotten the package yet? 10 days is UP! I hope it makes it, but I have insurance if it doesn't.

      Thanks for the blog. Noel says hello again and acknowledges that this is the 3rd or 4th time that he has said hello to you and you have not answered him back. Just sayin.

      love you most,

    2. Hmmm I posted a comment last night, but guess I did not do something...anyway, thanks for keeping us all up to date!!

    3. I like that they use a book to "teach yourself books" haha

    4. Very cute and creative idea, I enjoyed the guessing game! Glad you're learning Swahili already. Here in Washington DC, things are very somber this weekend. I'm not going anywhere tomorrow, will stay in and study. If you can, check out a couple of interesting Facebook photos and a video I just posted of an amazing man!
      Love you,